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EN 13411-3 aluminium Ferrules Manufactured as per EN 13411-3 (Din 3093) standard from size of #2.5 to #60 Innovators for

Shortening clutch GKL  can be supplied without safety latch.

Forged screw pin bow shackle  Type: SPB Screw pin bow shackles meet the performance requirements of Federal Specification RR-C-271D Type

Forged bolt dee shackle  Type: SBD Bolt type anchor shackles with thin head bolt-nut with cotter pin. Meets the performance

Category: Wire Rope

Wire rope galvanise The wire is drawn to a diameter larger than the required final diameter than it is hot

Standard vertical lifting clamps For Vertical lifting and transportation of steel plates and structures Equiped with safety mechanism ensuring the

Category: Wire Rope

Wire rope with coating The wire rope can be coated by extrusion method with various materials such as PA PO

Green Pin standard shackle bow shackles with screw collar pin Material                  

G100 Forged Master Link To be with recessed flat only upon request to assemble with G100 omega link for size

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