Lifting Block

Lifting Blocks – Lift and Lower Heavy Loads with an ease

When strategically put together, your lifting blocks and tackle pulley system can change the heaviest loads into a single-person lift. Lifting Blocks and tackle pulley systems is an arrangement of pulleys and ropes which permits for the force to be traded for distance. It is found in daily, common applications like the rigging on flagpoles, engine hoists, sailboats, or even huge construction cranes.

Key Features

A lifting block is perfect for lots of tasks that include heavy lifting. When you aim to lift and resettle heavy loads quickly, the most convenient and efficient option is to choose in a lifting block. Apart from saving time, it can be the most cost-effective option for lifting loads. These lifting block tools are well-designed for portability and ease of handling.

If you’re looking for renowned Lifting Blocks Distributors in Jakarta, we are engaged in providing top-notch quality block and chain pulley blocks that are approved as per ISI standards. All our products are acclaimed for their reliable and durable service life. We ensure to offer products in multiple sizes and dimensions to fit the certain needs of our customers.

Prime Benefits

  • With the right lifting block, you can easily tackle lifting tasks as it has a higher workload limit. Just buy products that individually proof load tested lifting blocks.
  • Our Lifting Blocks Jakarta comes in a compact shape and is extremely lightweight, which saves you the time of mounting. The ease of use makes lifting blocks the first option in the material handling industry.

The quenched and tempered built of blocks makes them strong enough to withstand rough handling. Besides, creatively designed blocks are accessible with safety latches to make sure high carrying capacity and added security.